What year did Canoe cologne originate?

Answer Canoe men's cologne, by Dana, was introduced in the year 1932. The cologne had fragrance notes of oakmoss and lemon accents and a brisk citrus overtone. It was recommended that Canoe be worn for o... Read More »

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In what year and where did the X Games originate?

The inaugural installment of the X Games occurred June 24 through July 1 of 1995 in Newport, Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. First known as the Extreme Games, creators of the event were mem... Read More »

Where did cricket originate and in which year?

The exact year and place where cricket originated are both unknown. Cricket is believed to have started in Northern Europe between the end of the Roman Empire (A.D. 500) and the Norman conquest of ... Read More »

What year did r&b music originate?

R&B music, short for rhythm and blues, originated in 1947 when Jerry Wexler was reviewing charts of Billboard magazine. However, the term was not officially used until 1949. The genre reflects its ... Read More »

In what year did paper money originate?

Because the invention of paper money dates back to the ninth century, it is not known exactly what year it came into use. What we do know is that the Chinese were the inventors of paper money, and ... Read More »