When did Czechoslovakia gain independence?

Answer Czechoslovakia became an independent nation in 1918 following the collapse of Austria-Hungary. After World War II, Czechoslovakia was controlled by the Soviet Union until 1989 when free elections w... Read More »

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When did St. Vincent& the Grenadines gain independence?

The United Kingdom granted autonomy to the Caribbean island country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1969 and independence in 1979. The islands were first colonized by France in 1719 before bei... Read More »

When did British East Africa gain independence?

British East Africa, or British East African Protectorate, gained political independence at various points in the 1960s and became Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Britain had gained control of the land... Read More »

How to Celebrate Independence Day if You're Not from America?

So you have heard of Independence Day? You're not from America and you want to celebrate it? Well this will tell you how to celebrate Independence Day if you're not American.

Can a 29-year-old father who was convicted of a felony when he was a 20-year-old gain custody of his children in Ohio?

Answer If you have a good lawyer and proof that your the safer, more stable parent, then maybe. It would also depend on your conviction. If you are a predator of any sort then forget it. Consult a... Read More »