What year did African Americans enter slavery?

Answer The first African slaves arrived in British North America on a Dutch ship in 1619. They were used by the English colony in Jamestown, Virginia. There were approximately 20 slaves on the ship.Source... Read More »

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What year did African slavery start in America?

African slaves first arrived on the North American mainland, in Virginia, in 1619, according to the "Atlas of African-American History," by James Ciment. Only in the 1660s and 1670s, however, did a... Read More »

What year was the first vote for African Americans?

The first African American vote in the United States was cast by Thomas Mundy Peterson of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, on March 31, 1870. African Americans won the right to vote with the 15th Amendment... Read More »

In what year were African-Americans allowed to vote?

African-American males were granted the right to vote with the passage of the 15th amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1870). However, many Southern states attempted to "block" the right by setting... Read More »

What year could African Americans serve in the military?

The United States Air Force is by far the most powerful in the World. There are many other formidable air forces, notably those of Israel, France and the United Kingdom, Germany, PR China, India, R... Read More »