Will you get Insurance with a zip line in the yard?

Answer Answer What is a zip line?

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How to Landscape a Back Yard on a Fence Line?

If you have a fence that is providing privacy in your backyard or marking borders you do not have to live with a plain fence that makes your yard drab and dreary. There are many things that you ca... Read More »

The power line in my back yard is making a loud staticky noise. Is this normal?

dirt builds up, dust.Add humidity and it does that.If you are taking about those real big ones they sometimes come out and spray water on them for cleaning.Electro magnetic radiation is not good fo... Read More »

Neighboring cats constantly spray in my yard, what should I do My whole yard reaks of cat pee!?

There are a lot of holistic approaches, from sprinkling orange rinds to placing foil on the ground where they keep going.what works best without a dog, but is def time consuming, will also give you... Read More »

Is watering your yard at night good or bad and what is the best time to water your yard?

It's best to water early enough so that the water can soak in the ground before it gets too hot . Don't water at night because that can cause fungus to grow on your grass."Water early in the mornin... Read More »