What wrong with my wristPlease help!!!?

Answer Someone mentioned Advil being oK to take, but if there's a chance it's fractured, doctors (w/in past 2 years) have started NOT recommending Advil (ibuprofen). Somehow impedes recovery.As to your in... Read More »

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HELP ME! What is wrong with my toenail?

You have a fungus... not to worry, Cats-Claw as an herbal supplement and Lamisil ointmentNail Fungus you really Kill your Nail Fungus ?The answer could be a big fat ... Read More »

What is wrong with YOUTUBE ..HELP?

maybe problem is with your browser, why you don't try with another browser?

HELP...What is wrong with my other PC.............?

Have you tried swapping out the monitor for one you know works? (to be sure its not the monitor)Does the pc power on?Do you get any beeps when it is turning on? (audio warnings)does the caps lock l... Read More »

OMG!!! What is WRONG with me!!! Please help me!?

This happens to me all the time! I eat everything and then try to purge. As soon as I get to the bathroom I look in the mirror and pray that this time I will be able to get it up. Sometimes it take... Read More »