What would your ideal hotdog restaurant feature?

Answer Fresh products for everything. That means 100% meat with no animal by-products, and also make sure that all the buns are fresh and that there is no mold on any of them. That would include scrupulou... Read More »

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What would be your ideal Valentine's Day menu?

Peace and quiet!!just had a massive row with my partner of 8yrs about my ex-husband of 11yrs!!other than that avocado starter, beef wellington or venison,followed by some lovely stilton ,brie or d... Read More »

What would you put in your ideal gaming PC (post Skyrim)?

For an 'ultimate' PC:Motherboard: LGA 2011 'Gamer's' motherboard Intel i7 Sandy Bridge extreme Read More »

What is your worst and best facial feature If you could change anything about your looks what would it be?

My best is probably my lips... I'm Asian and my lips are nice and full and I like the shape of them so it stands out on my faceMy worst is probably my jawline. I have a roundish face and I'd like a... Read More »

If you could add one device or electronic feature to your baby, what would it be?

A translation system for those times that I can't quite figure out just what it is that he wants. And it would definitely have to have a robot voice: "I. Would. Like. A. Drink. Please. Mommy. Ha.... Read More »