What would your bother call your girl baby?

Answer Niece.

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You would call your Brother's Son your Nephew right but what would you call your uncle's mom?

Grandmother, if your Uncle is actually the brother of your mother or father.

What can you call your baby girl?

Imogen i a nice name for a tom-boy. Alice is good for a girly-girl. Charlotte is good for any girl! chloe is a nice name and amie or Amy or kodi or Olivia!

What can you call to your sister's baby girl?

Your sister's daughter is your niece. You are her aunt if you are female, or her uncle if you are male. She is your niece...

What would you name your baby girl...?

1. Aria ScarettAailayah SaphireAurora StephanieAriel SydneyAmanda SadieAnasatsia Skye2. Danae GeneviveDaisy GraceDestiny GwenythDelta Gabrielle3. Isla MaddisonIvory MadelineIlana Mae4. Jade LaurelJ... Read More »