What would you use a document camera for?

Answer Copying large documents. Document cameras are designed to make very sharp, undistorted images of flat objects from close up.

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What is a document camera?

A document camera is a piece of a equipment used to present visual materials to an audience. The document camera is a modern version of what was known in the past as an overhead projector.DesignA d... Read More »

How to Create a Document Camera?

A home made document cameraCan't afford an ELMO? This article suggests an easy way to turn a simple digital camera into a document reader. All you need is an architect's lamp and some duct tape.

The History of the Document Camera?

Today, giving presentations is even easier because of advances in technology. The document camera aids in presenting information, video conferencing, displaying documents in courtrooms or highlight... Read More »

How do I attach a multi-page Adobe Acrobat document to an Excel document?

Insert a PDF Object into ExcelIn Microsoft Excel, click in the area of the spreadsheet where you want to insert a PDF. Click "Insert" and select "Object." In the Create New tab of the Object dialog... Read More »