What would you upgrade on this computer?

Answer It depends a lot on what you want to use it for.In terms of gaming, the video card is the bottleneck in that system.Otherwise it is fairly well balanced. If you want to get some more longevity out ... Read More »

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What would be the best graphics card upgrade for my computer?

You can run a HD 6850 or 7770 with a 450w PSU. Either one would be a massive upgrade, and both are roughly $120 cards.

Would you buy this computer on EBAY?

to be honest i wouldn't buy no computer on eBay, you need to know what you are getting for such a big purchase i would go to a shop. Yes the computer is excellent but personally i wouldn't risk tha... Read More »

Would you be jealous if i had this computer?

How good would this computer be?

For non-gaming: EXCELLENT!!For Gaming: I recommend shelling out an extra hundred bucks for a GTX 660 TI! It will have more than double the performance of the GTX 650 Ti! The CPU is excellent!REport... Read More »