What would you see at a hippodrome?

Answer The word "hippodrome" is derived from Greek words meaning "horse" and "path." The many hippodromes built all over the ancient world were originally intended as places where not only racing but also... Read More »

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What is the Birmingham Hippodrome?

The Birmingham Hippodrome is a large theater complex that offers a variety of performances, classes and events. The Hippodrome contains an 1800 capacity main auditorium, a 230 capacity theater, dan... Read More »

How would the 123acrobat 333bench know what a masspecometer is would jay leno or vin diesel tell or would they try to play pro baseball or hockey instead how about those Russian dancers eh yes or no?

If you didn't have to worry about what people would think.what colour would you paint your house?

PurpleMadonna had a striped house here in the USA and it made her neighbors very upset.

You are in charge of a reception for 100 vegetarians, What would you serve or what would your menu be?

You can serve keesh. Vegetable lasagna. Something with a portabella mushroom is always nice. Spaghetti with just marinara sauce.