What would you say is more embassing in public?

Answer Hiccups!!! You can't help them so they are sooo annoying and everyone stares because they make weird sounds. Also, hiccups aren't common.You can keep burping in.You can hold sneezing, and if you ca... Read More »

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What are public policies currenlty used to prevent public order crimes in the community?

Do you need public liability insurance if you own land with a public footpath running through it?

Answer Absolutely! You should have a general liability policy because YOU can be held liable and will be named in a lawsuit if any bodily injury or property damage occurs to a third party on that ... Read More »

What petition allows the general public to remove a public official from office?

Political officials can be removed through a recall petition. The rules for a recall petition vary across the nation, but the process requires the signatures of a significant number of registered v... Read More »

Public Access to Public Information?

Federal and state sunshine laws require taxpayer-funded entities to disclose their budgets, activity reports and any other documents that explain how the community's money was spent. These laws per... Read More »