What would you say about this poem i found?

Answer Weird and yet true.Good poem

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Would you please read this poem in tribute?

I'm sure it took you alot of effort and a long process to come up with a rhyme poem that flows beautifully all the way throughout the end. And I'm sure Chris and his wife would admire this poem, th... Read More »

I hope this never happens to anybody but what would your do if you found out you son was a paedophile?

Terminate him quietly. It provides both justice, and protection for the family reputation.

I found this for $400 - NEW - would I be CRAZY not to buy it.....................?

Its $3000 US -- $400 is EXTREMLY cheap... Sounds like a to good to be true sort of thing. I wouldnt touch it with a 10" pole..

How to Make a Found Poem?

Poetry is all around us. We need to capture it in an organized way so we can share its beauty with others. It could be phrases in a phone book, a series of street signs, words spoken by a passerby,... Read More »