What would you rather eat, 7 socks or 3 shoes?

Answer Socks, I would dunk them in my favorite drink and swallow them down.

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Which shoes would you rather wear ?

I would definately wear Adidas, but the old school kind not the weird ones that look like something from a scfi movie. It's your choice if you even like thoses brands, but don't be a follower be yo... Read More »

POLL: Which shoes would you rather have to wear for a day?

the first ones cuz i might have a chance of not falling and busting my A$$

What happens if you wear shoes with no socks?

They'll eventually sweat.Hahahh porque te llamastes PUTA???

What color socks should a guy wear with khaki pants and light/medium brown shoes?

You can wear khaki socks, or you can wear socks that match your shirt.