What would you rather eat, 7 socks or 3 shoes?

Answer Socks, I would dunk them in my favorite drink and swallow them down.

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Do you needs shoes& socks for Yoga X?

As in other yoga workouts, socks and shoes are not a requirement for "Yoga X." According to Tony Horton, a personal trainer and exercise instructor in the P90X workout series, everyone in the "Yoga... Read More »

What happens if you wear shoes with no socks?

They'll eventually sweat.Hahahh porque te llamastes PUTA???

Do you wear socks with climbing shoes?

Wearing socks with rock climbing shoes is a personal choice. Your feet can fit into tighter climbing shoes without socks, allowing for greater sensitivity and more precise foot placements. Climbers... Read More »

As of right now are you wearing shoes, socks or are you barefoot?