What would you rather drink?

Answer Cokebecause of it's flavor and Because it tastes soooo good.

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What would you rather drink tea or coffee?

Tea, because it's healthier and coffee doesn't taste all that great!

What would you rather drink pepsi or coke?

Would you rather drink chocolate,strawberry or vanilla milk?

chocolate milk...nice, but vanilla sounds yummy too... i like strawberry but like a fruit...i get "sick" when i drink strawberry milk

Would you rather drink Tequila or Vodka And which drinks with those 2 alcohols are your favorites?

Tequila!!! (Or was that ... T'Kill Ya?)It makes my clothes fall off!Love a good Margaritaaaaah.I like GOOD vodka but given a choice I'd put a good gin in my martini before I'd use vodka.