What would you rather be, a strawberry, pumpkin or potato!?

Answer A potato becaue i would be so versatile, you could mash me, boil me, bake me, fry me, grill me and if you really want to you could make me into a cake. Also the potato head man just happens to be t... Read More »

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Would you rather drink chocolate,strawberry or vanilla milk?

chocolate milk...nice, but vanilla sounds yummy too... i like strawberry but like a fruit...i get "sick" when i drink strawberry milk


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Pumpkin Pie Apple Pie Cherry Pie Or Sweet Potato Pie Which from this list do u like better?

I would have to say Cherry Pie, although I have not had apple or cherry in a long time.Don't like Pumpkin or Sweet Potato.

What would you rather drink?

Cokebecause of it's flavor and Because it tastes soooo good.