What would you put in a tortilla?

Answer Turkey slices, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, sprouts, mayo and mustard......mmmmmm....sooooo good!

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What are tortilla chips made of?

Tortilla chips are deep-fried Mexican tortillas made from corn. Some variations are made from white flour. Tortilla chips increased in popularity during the 1970s and became the official snack of T... Read More »

What country did tortilla soup originate from?

Mexico is the country that tortilla soup originated from. Although tortilla soup was a way to use up extra chicken and tortillas, it became a classic dish to the Mexican nation.Source:Recipe Source... Read More »

What goes good with Tortilla chips?

Years of being integrated into a Mexican family from south Texas has taught me that ABSOLUTELY everything goes with every form of tortilla. I've watched friends down penne with meatballs and a corn... Read More »

How to Fry a Tortilla?

This is a great snack with salt or a good holder for, well, anything! Especially good for dipping in soup!