What would you prefer?

Answer It depends on my mood. Sometimes I want a steak, chips and peas, a fry up, fish and chips, sometimes I want a Chinese dim sum collection or a Thai takeout, sometimes baked potatoes, sushi, pasta, ... Read More »

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What would you prefer i pod are mp3?

Well if it was just a regular ipod or mp3 player I'd go with a different mp3 player like a zune because the only real thing that is different is the name brand, plus it's easier to put stuff on it,... Read More »

What cookies would u prefer?

Chocolate chip & Peanut Butter Cookies for me.

What would you prefer -Tea or Coffee ?

Tea - Green tea, Oolong Tea, various Chinese teas are all excellent and some are with and without caffeine for those who want the caffeine in their drink. Also, it does not give you "coffee breath"... Read More »

What would you prefer attract to your garden.....?