What would you like to see made vegan?

Answer Everything.Seriously, I would love that. But I would adoreAll chocolateReally good meltable cheese, which doesn't exist around here.More clothes.An imitation chicken drumstick - only because it's m... Read More »

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How to Certify Vegan Made Products?

The Vegan Awareness Foundation began offering a certification for vegan-made products in 1998. The foundation is often called Vegan Action, and the logo is a registered trademark that says certifie... Read More »

What made you decide to become a Vegetarian/Vegan?

The more I think about it, the more I realize it really wasn't a choice. Not wanting to cause other sentients beings pain & death is innate. It is not just an emotional "choice," but a physiologica... Read More »

I am a vegan and need some headphones made without leather(not plug in ones). Anyone know any?

Headphones are usually not made of genuine leather!They would be very expensive! It's something synthetic (look at shoes:cheap ones are never genuine leather although it sometimes looks as if they ... Read More »

Why would people choose to be veggie/vegan, and then eat a bunch of stuff that is made to mimic meat?

its really because hippies are hypocrites.animals were put on this earth to be eaten, not soy products