What would you like to say about smoking?

Answer Agreed, smoking is injurious to health for not only those who smoke the also for the people around.

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What should you do if your girlfriend is pregnant and you would like to keep it but you are not married yet and you would like to marry her and what should you do about insurance?

Answer You should have thought about the insurance before you got her pregnant. You'll have to apply for it. I do believe there is also Blue Cross which is extended medical. Do your homework on th... Read More »

What do you like about Sky Digital now and what would you like to see in the future from sky?

sky + is absolutely splendid. the programmes on the sky channels however are quite dismal, if they could improve to the standard of bbc1 or itv1 ( pre the xfactor or love island all night lack of ... Read More »

As a stop smoking drug, would a product like Wellbutrin be better than say Zyban/Chantix?

I can think of better anti-depressants but I do know people who used it successfully to quit smoking when they only "wanted" to quit. In my case I only used it briefly for a couple months as an ant... Read More »

I am only 13 but i would like to learn about networks like, open NAT and strict NAT.?

Great! That's excellent! I suggest learning C++, Java, and Python. You could start off with BASIC too. Python is a powerful starter language, as well.I am uncertain in what college, but you definit... Read More »