What would you eat with a tall glass of cold milk?

Answer cookies or muffins. i like it!

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I just drank a tall glass of spoiled milk! D: Will I be ok!?

How long has it been expired for? I remember I drank some expired chocolate milk that was expired for a day, but I was fine because it wasn't that bad. If it has been expired for a while, you'll pr... Read More »

How about we all meet for a great big cold glass of Christmas milk?

are non-contacts invited? i work at a milk processing plant that makes egg nog. i'll bring a few cases of it....and chocolate milk as well. what th' heck. i'll throw in some strawberry and banana m... Read More »

I just drank a tall cold glass of lemonade and it made me MORE thirsty, am I pregnint?

I told you I would plant my seed in you! Muahahaha.....

Is it harmful to keep hot milk in refrigerator if I want to drink cold milk?

GO BUY SOME COLD MILK STUPID!!!No, the hot milk should NOT spoiled if you keep in refrigerator, infact thiswould be similar to the process of pasturizing the milk, which is extreemely important bef... Read More »