What would you do(preschool teachers)?

Answer Skates, you've asked 4 questions to complete strangers that suggest you're not handling your classroom very well. You need to solve the problem at school, involving the principal if necessary.

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Early childhood educators: What tips would you give new teachers just coming into the job?

*A sense of humor is an absolute must! Young children are warm and funny, and if you can't laugh a little they will drive you crazy! *Also, I have to disagree with Faye on her comment that you sh... Read More »

Mommies: would you be OK with teachers teaching your children about Same Sex Marriage?

I think it is inappropriate in schools. Kids should know about it, but this is something that parents need to talk to their kids about. Different families have different views, and not all teache... Read More »

What do teachers do in the teachers lounge?

drink coffee and suff who knows nobody knows

Anyone have good ideas for fortune cookie fortunes that would be appropriate for teachers?

"Tolerance begins at home and in the school""Teach love, not war""Give a person money and they spend it, give them an education and they've got a future""Teachers make the best friends!""Teach resp... Read More »