What would you do(preschool teachers)?

Answer Skates, you've asked 4 questions to complete strangers that suggest you're not handling your classroom very well. You need to solve the problem at school, involving the principal if necessary.

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What do teachers do in the teachers lounge?

drink coffee and suff who knows nobody knows

How to Thank Your Teachers?

Teachers are some of the most inspiring and influential people in our lives. Often times students wish to express gratitude without seeming overly dorky or like they are sucking up.

How to Bug Your Teachers?

Bored? Angry? Well a fun way to entertain yourself is to bug your peers or your teacher...

Who are EAP teachers?

An EAP (English for Academic Purposes) teacher helps students who have a native language other than English and who are attending a college or university here in the United States.What they DoEAP t... Read More »