What would you do when you have an aggressive boy at preschool?

Answer Well, you could find another setting for your child. But if you, overall, are satisfied with the class/program/center then continue working with the team. No matter where your child is enrolled, ... Read More »

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Have you ever wondered what preschool kids would be like if they listened to Korn at preschool?

They would be more hyper than they are already

Would you allow your kids preschool/kindergarten teacher have a lisp?

Hmmm. Good question. I don't think I could object to that. I certainly wouldn't mind if one of my children's teachers had a Spanish, German, or southern accent, so I don't think it would be a va... Read More »

What effect, if any, do you feel aggressive films have on society?

i think that they de-sensitise violence and the effects of the movies, a man is punched violently in the face and bounces back for more. and more, and more. he keeps standing, whilst be... Read More »

When your working at a child care center, what would you do when you have free time with the children?

Children are actually pretty self-entertaining! All you have to do is interact with them. Play a game, like a board game. They'll love it! Ask what they want to play with and join them in their... Read More »