What would you do when you are 18 years old?

Answer Once you are 18 years old and in college you look for a boy to date and go steady with , hoping to marry him one day.

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If you were born 50 years earlier, what would your name have been Would you ever use it?

I already knew what it would be before i check it. My name would have been Mary. I think it's boring. No i wouldn't have used it...much like i hate and don't use my actual name.My middle name would... Read More »

How many years would it take to travel one thousand six hundred light years in space?

This would obviously have a very large variable of the speed of the rocket, but here is the equation to figure is out ((((1.51368454*10^19/S)/60)/60)/24)/365.25=TS being the speed of the rocket in ... Read More »

What are the responsibilities of an rotc member for the national guard... how many years would i have to serve after college and would i still be able to pursue a career in film?

there are different benefits to all the different branches of ROTC but one thing in common is the 4 year college scholorship that comes with a monthly allowance for you to use as you please. if you... Read More »

A psychologist who studies memory improvements made between children three years of age and children twelve years of age would probably be?

Not at this time August 4 2010 has NOT been approved at this time. MA Sales tax free days for 2010 could possibly be August 14 and 15 if it gets signed into law before that day.