What would you do if your computer mouse only had a maximum of 20 clicks per day?

Answer Learn how to navigate the internet using the keyboard. The Tab key is your friend.

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How many clicks does a computer mouse do before it needs replacing ?

My boyfriend told me to tell you to go ask Mr. Owl.

Laptop mouse just highlights everything and sometimes clicks by itself?

just cleaning the mouse pad thingy it helps

I keep getting clicking noise when ever mouse clicks on somewhere. how do i stop it its driving me mad?

Go to Start / Control Panel / Sounds & Audio Devices / click on the Sounds Tab go down to sound schemes and click on windows default and hit apply...if that doesn't stop it do the same thing again ... Read More »

My computer just clicks off and restarts by it's self (randomly)'WHY?

Because you havent plugged it in properly!That sometimes happens to me.If the plugs are under your feet thats more than likely the problem.But even if you knock the plug a little, it could switch o... Read More »