What would you do if your computer mouse only had a maximum of 20 clicks per day?

Answer Learn how to navigate the internet using the keyboard. The Tab key is your friend.

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How many clicks does a computer mouse do before it needs replacing ?

My boyfriend told me to tell you to go ask Mr. Owl.

If your computer had a keyboard with only two key functions, what would you want them to be?

the windows function key and the esc key that way i could i still use the mouse to do what ever else I needed to do. lol

What would you do when the computer mouse dies and you have to install another one. Computer says "Found new?

You make the mouse work by ripping out its insides and wiggling the wire until it moves just enough to get the job done. ha ha that is what we did once. It worked.

If you had only one hand, how would you use ctrl, alt, dlt on your computer?

One word: tongue. Actually, scratch that. Ew.Four words: chopstick in my mouth.