What would you do if your boss requested to be your friend on facebook?

Answer Ignore your boss. It is inappropriate that your boss expects or wants to be part of your Facebook. Facebook is almost like path to your sole. Facebook allows you to be who you are without the w... Read More »

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How do I see a friend's profile and status updates on facebook after I requested not to see them?

Homepage - Newsfeed(under your fb image to the left) click the pencil icon next to news feed and edit settings there.

If somebody removed you from his/her friend list on fb then requested back your friendship would you agree?

Depending on who it is, I would accept. It could have been an accident. But I don't see how clicking friends on the drop down box, then clicking unfriend and agreeing to unfriending the person is c... Read More »

One of my high school teachers requested me on facebook!?

Ummm... Facebook's not just for pulling chicks, you know!  Many teachers like to keep up with former students.  If you're not yet at a stage in your personal development where you're comfortable ... Read More »

Facebook says my girlfriend requested the friendship of her ex, she swears its a glitch?

I literally HAVE had that happen to me. I was trying to click on someone else, once, and it clicked on the person above them. Plus, my mouse is goofy. If I leave it sitting too long, it automatical... Read More »