What would you do if your boss requested to be your friend on facebook?

Answer Ignore your boss. It is inappropriate that your boss expects or wants to be part of your Facebook. Facebook is almost like path to your sole. Facebook allows you to be who you are without the w... Read More »

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If somebody removed you from his/her friend list on fb then requested back your friendship would you agree?

Depending on who it is, I would accept. It could have been an accident. But I don't see how clicking friends on the drop down box, then clicking unfriend and agreeing to unfriending the person is c... Read More »

If your parent wants to be on your facebook friend list, would you accept him/her?

No. As if my mom actually just wants to be my friend...pffft! She snoops around a lot and that would be the only reason why she would sign up in the first place - to see what I'm up to.I NEED MY P... Read More »

Would it be weird if you unfriended your ex on Facebook an then friend them back?

What would you do if your boss catch you in Yahoo answers?

My boss hasn't actually noticed & I've been on it in front of him, only few a times, but I'm only on it when I take a break or done my work. I'll do what I've been doing, act calm, minimize it or n... Read More »