What would you do if you had to wear a dress to a party and had your period?

Answer Do you think you will be the only girl on her period at the party? You won't...and it's a part of life, and you just have to accept it. Now, what to do while at the party. If you are wearing pad... Read More »

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Which dress should i wear on the engagement party?

DEF the first one but id get it in another color if i were you. Unless its traditional to also wear white at the engagement party?PS can i see your wedding dress once you pick it? :-)

Whta should I wear for a fancy dress party ?

With the small black dress that you already have you could pair it up red accessories. Then you can be a little devil. You could wear red high heals or black, some dark red bracelets and a red neck... Read More »

I am going to a wild west fancy dress party, any ideas what i could wear apart from cowboy and indian?

cactus? and call yourself Prick!green wellies, geren tights, tshirt, and green swimming cap.get clear drinking straws, cut in half & attach to your clothes!

Where can I buy a dress that I can wear to my Aunt's wedding but can also wear to my 8th grade prom?………… Read More »