What would you do if you had thousands and thousands of Facebook friends?

Answer That predicament is a reality rather than a hypothetical for me. I currently have 1132 friends on my personal Facebook page, and that's a significant improvement from my all-time high of nearly 500... Read More »

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I have thousands of old negatives to "digitize".......?

You could try this:

Thousands of dollars later and NOW I think I have my answer, am I right?

That's the annoying thing about doctors. Even if they don't know what the condition is, they'd act like they have an answer for it and string you along for the money. That's the reason why there ar... Read More »

How many thousands of dollars make a million?

There are one thousand thousands in $1 million. Understanding the number system using place value techniques and number lines can be helpful in solving problems such as this one. When we count in t... Read More »

How to Propagate Mother of Thousands from Plantlets?

Mother of Thousands PlantMother-of-Thousands (Bryophyllum daigremontianum) is a plant native to the tropics of Madagascar, but you can have your own thanks to the interesting reproductive system of... Read More »