What would you do if you got called fat?

Answer It wouldnt hurt me.. I dont care whay anyone says..People will say things to put you down and make you feel bad. Dont listen to them!!What matters is how you feel you look and what you think of yo... Read More »

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Would Guam be called a territory of the US or would it be called a colony?

Yes it's amazing. The people are nice and and funny. It's just so fun you should really do it and it's super fun.

Would these fiber reinforced cinder blocks called "Bran Muffins" would they be easily painted?

unpained, they have a natural brown hueyou can paint them any colour you like, but I don't recommend "pea" green or "mustard" yellow - looks tooo much like baby puke and doodie

What would I be called by the way I eat?

Fish are animals and vegans don't eat animal products OR ANIMALS, so no, we don't eat fish. Your coach needs to do more research on veganism, if he wants to be a vegan. What he showed you was a pes... Read More »

What would your children be called?

This is interesting!!I'm Rebecca. (7 letters, so 7 children.)I want the genders to be random, so I flipped a coin for each. Heads is girl. Tails is boy. (R) 1. ♀ ROYAL. Charlotte "Lottie" Elizabe... Read More »