What would you do if the internet wasn't anonymous?

Answer I am almost never my true self online. The internet gives you a sort of false sense of power and disconnection, in the fact that you feel you can do and say whatever you want and it won't affect an... Read More »

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Poor Cerys...she was gutted Marc wasnt there wasnt she?

what Cerys needs to do is get on with her life without him, his ex has already told the world that he beats up women, and Cerys has children, if she's in the right mind, she will not allow any man ... Read More »

Defamation of Character by an Anonymous Source on the Internet?

Defamation of character by an anonymous source on the Internet is harmful and is sometimes referred to as "cyber bullying." People harmed can sue and obtain monetary damages, but there are addition... Read More »

How to Break the Habit of Making Anonymous, Abusive Comments on the Internet?

Debating on the internet can be fun, insightful, and give you a small rush of pride when you know a subject better than someone else. However there is a line between a heated argument and being pet... Read More »

Is it illegal to commercially modify and use on the Internet a photograph of a wall with graffiti artwork and would you need to attribute the artwork to an anonymous artist?

Preliminary answer by a non-attorney There are some who may apply the following logic: "I'm not an attorney but I imagine it depends on who owns the wall."If the graffiti is on a public building an... Read More »