What would you consider poor peoples food?

Answer In Japan, Gyudon (beef bowl) would be considered a "poor man`s food". Gyudon is a fast food in Japan consisting of a bowl of rice topped with thinly sliced onion and beef. It is really cheap and is... Read More »

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I remember a one-off Christmas claymation cartoon years ago in which a poor boy shares his last bit of food with a poor woman at Christmas There's no dialogue just a song What is it called?

(Food ,drinks) Indian peoples only?

Why is ramen a poor mans food?

i eat it all the time and i dont consider myself poor. but then again i dont consider myself rich either/

Mexican Food...Why's it cost so much to eat like poor people?

To eat like poor people? That is pretty stereotypical for you to say. Who said Mexican Food is for poor people?. As if American food was rich, hot dogs and burgers big deal. Mexicans also have that... Read More »