What would you chose girls only!?

Answer My periods are so heavy that I have to use both. Maybe that's why I'm always so anemic and tired.

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If you could chose the month your baby is due, which would you chose and why?

I would say May if I could choose. I would have the baby before the hot weather starts but still able to hit garage sales that start in April before the baby is born.I am due in March and all of t... Read More »

What would you name 2 boys and 3 girls using only my Guilty Pleasure names +BQ?

♀ | Persephone Gloria♂ | Loren Aubrey♀ | Océane Ermelinde♂ | August Caolán♀ | Seraphina Siobhan[Posy, Loren, Ana, Gus & Fia] -----------------------------EDIT → Forgot the BQ!♀ Theo... Read More »

What would you name four girls using ONLY names from my favorites list?

1) Nora Ruth2) Shannon Rose3) Madeline Claire4) Georgia Eloise

You just had quadruplets, two boys and two girls! What would you name them ONLY using names from this list...?

128 answers! You've got your work cut out for you choosing a best answer. :]-- Katherine Susannah-- Dawn Eloise-- Anthony Michael-- Vincent DeanCool little sib-set if I do say so myself! Tried to k... Read More »