What would you chose girls only!?

Answer My periods are so heavy that I have to use both. Maybe that's why I'm always so anemic and tired.

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What's your or your children's after-class activitiesYou chose for them or they chose by themselves?

1.what's your or your children's after-class activities? Are they have something to do with school's study courses?(I mean, are they Maths, English, Chemistry,Physics,etc)**My daughter has done gym... Read More »

If you could chose the month your baby is due, which would you chose and why?

I would say May if I could choose. I would have the baby before the hot weather starts but still able to hit garage sales that start in April before the baby is born.I am due in March and all of t... Read More »

Plasma Tv vs Lcd which one to chose?

from my experience with these technologies any can have problems at any given time...I personally seen many problems with the Samsung Brand and Sony brand.. If you want a brand that doesn't really... Read More »

Ipad which one to chose?

iPad 2 beasuse it has a cam and the 1 does not but the 3 is a bit expensive and all you get it a better cam and that isn't really what the iPad is used for well people do but it's ment for games an... Read More »