What would you call this chord?

Answer You could call it a C#11, but it's not an accurate description as there is no 3rd or 7th.

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How to Do Chord Magick?

Cord Magick is used alongside a Petition to assist a Witch in acquiring an outcome of a situation, or acquiring an object of their own desiring. As always, you need to sit in a quiet place -- perha... Read More »

How to Put Together a Chord Sequence?

Chord sequences require structuring music both horizontally and vertically.

How do I make an F chord?

How to Play an F Major ChordPlay the notes F, A, and C simultaneously on your instrument, in any formation. Multiple strings, keys, or valves may be used on your instrument as long as those are the... Read More »

What is a chord of a circle?

A chord is a commonly used geometric figure associated with curves and circles.DefinitionA chord is a line segment joining two points on a curve. The curve can be a standalone figure or be included... Read More »