What would you be doing now if the internet was never invented?

Answer I would invent the internet.

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Moms have you ever said I would never and ended up doing it lol?

I said I'd never cosleep (I was worried since I am a deep sleeper), but I did it fulltime for 7 months and part time for 5 more. Sophie is now 2.5 and loves her bed, but does join us from time to ... Read More »

What would you be doing now if internet didn't exist?

How do you think our world would be different if infant formula was never invented?

I think wet nurses would be very common. Others answered that their child would not have survived, and that is not true. Wet nurses would probably be covered under health insurance if a woman could... Read More »

YOU CAN PICK 1 ITEM OF MAKEUP TO ALWAYS HAVE---what would you never be without Mine would be lipstick!?

hon, it would be blush! because it gives you that subtle glow and will make you look healthy, well, good quality blushers are out there to get glam but never buy the ones that are chalky or cast a... Read More »