What would you add to these Alpabeth?

Answer I could only think of a few to add to the first one....not sure what the theme is for the second set....?A: AsiaG: geishaK: kimono (or kanji)O: origamiS: samurai (or sushi) (or sumo)Y: yukata

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Which of these tops would be ok for a young woman or would a bag on 3 page be better please help?

I think the black bag with the flower is the most elegant for a young woman.

Would these fiber reinforced cinder blocks called "Bran Muffins" would they be easily painted?

unpained, they have a natural brown hueyou can paint them any colour you like, but I don't recommend "pea" green or "mustard" yellow - looks tooo much like baby puke and doodie

What would you name these kids?

BOY 1Leonard Magnus "Leo"GIRL 1&2India Avril & Iris OpalBOY 2 Ash AlexanderGIRL 3 Vylotte Ekaterina ______________________________Leo, India, Iris, Ash, & Vyolette :)

[#3] What would you name these siblings?

1. Alec Benjamin2. Theo William3. Cate Madelyn4. Owen Charlie"Alec, Theo, Cate and Owen"*star for you!*