What would violate a nonprofit status?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) grants tax-exempt or nonprofit status to organizations that are organized and operated for religious or charitable purposes. Charitable purposes recognized by the... Read More »

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How to Work As a Nonprofit Until You Get Your 501(c)(3) Status?

Startup nonprofit organizations inevitably face the question of what they should do until the IRS sends them the all important nonprofit determination letter that fixes their status as a 501(c)(3) ... Read More »

How long can a nonprofit operate without 501c3 status?

Before 27 months of existence, a nonprofit organization has to file for its 501c3 status to receive tax-exempt status retroactive to the date of formation. If filed later, the tax exemption will on... Read More »

Can we as a fiscally sponsored project get our own general liability insurance before we have our own nonprofit status?

You do not need any qualifications to sell General Insurance. However, you do need to be working for an FSA registered company that has a compliance structure. This means that if you do not follow ... Read More »

Railway reservation booking status was w/L 81, PQWL now as on today it shows current status as W/L 28.?

It will get confirmed 100%. The reason waiting list cuts off so fast is because people tend to do two separate bookings for their convenience and cancel the other as per their date convenience. I t... Read More »