What would u teach a five or six year old preschooler?

Answer Phonemic Awareness 1st (hearing words that start with the same sound)Phonics- recognizing letters and the sounds they makeRhymingSyllables - (students can clap the parts in their name)compound word... Read More »

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What to teach your preschooler?

no, not name! they even dont know abc yet!teach them alphabets letter like "Aa, Aa for Apple. Bb, Bb for boy" etc. show some examples too if u can! use the abc song might works more than just read ... Read More »

HOW to teach five year olds to tie their shoes?

wrap a lace around an arm chair or table leg and do it i n front of them a couple of times, then put your hands on top of their's and guide them thru it, about 20 times a daytell them that they wil... Read More »

How do I teach a preschooler?

Preschool children who are ages 3 to 4 should be taught activities that encourage skill development and provide different ways of thinking and learning. As a teacher, child care provider or parent,... Read More »

How do I teach phonics to a preschooler?

Phonics refers to a method for teaching the relationship between language sounds and the letters that represent those sounds. By spending quality time reading with your child, including learning op... Read More »