What would u do if u found a snail in your peas halfway into your meal?

Answer I would stop eating and hope that the snail was alone.

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What is your favorite meal that would be authentic to your heritage?

It would have to be souvlaki,either chicken or lamb.

What would your last meal be?

loaded potato skins loaded with extra caloriesroast beef sunday dinner with extra calorieswhole black forrest gateau with clotted cream and extra calories on the side.2 bottles of vodka to wash it ... Read More »

What would be the perfect 7 course meal in your opinion?

Chinese!Won ton SoupFried WontonsEgg RollsSweet'n Sour PorkSoy Sauce or Terriaki ChickenSaifun with ShrimpFortune Cookie :D

What fast food would you have as your last meal?

Pizza and chips with chocolate cake and chocolate sauce with chocolate ice cream with flake and sprinkles and a bottle of cola. I know thats alot but if I was about to die I would pig out as much a... Read More »