What would the world be like without the internet ?

Answer i don't know. people never really started using the internet until the early 90's. it was ok in the 80s so its not like we'd be living in the dark ages. im sure if the internet was never made, not ... Read More »

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What do you think the world would be like without photography?

Ans: yess when camera on,then i click in power of mobile..then off.

What would R&P be like without people like our Canadian friend Dave?

Hey Mike, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and all your great people that have sent your best wishes, I did email most of you to thank for your support. Expect a few that did not have email... Read More »

What Would Happen If the Internet Stopped Working All Around The World?

Most people probably would be more annoyed than scared because they would think just their connection wasn't working. People probably wouldn't notice that it had happened to everyone until about 10... Read More »

If every person was a vegan, what would the world be like?

if animals on farms were released, there would be a massive animal population dynamic that might lead to the extinction of one or more animals. Needless to say, this would wreak havoc on the eco-sy... Read More »