What kind of floors would make music sound better?

Answer Are you talking about recording or just playing the guitar? If you are recording, you definitely want carpets. If you are playing you want a hard rough surface that will diffuse the sound like...we... Read More »

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I want to buy a surround sound sytem, I would prefer to buy a sound bar how good are they at projecting sound?

Soundbars try to fire rear sounds out at a wide angle so you get a reflection from the sides.How centered is your television in the middle of your wall?Do you have symmetrical side walls for the so... Read More »

I think that music would be better off without _______?

I only have a small living room, should i get a 3.1 or 5.1 sound system, what would sound best?

Although 2.1 will do. You will get a better experience with 5.1 over 3.1. 5.1 will give you sound all around the room. If you connect the system the way you are suppose to, that is 3 speakers in... Read More »

YOU CAN PICK 1 ITEM OF MAKEUP TO ALWAYS HAVE---what would you never be without Mine would be lipstick!?

hon, it would be blush! because it gives you that subtle glow and will make you look healthy, well, good quality blushers are out there to get glam but never buy the ones that are chalky or cast a... Read More »