What would the best soil and care for a san Pedro cactus?

Answer san Pedro being a cactus should have a fast draining soil, i usually mix half commercial potting mix with sand and maybe some diatomaceous earth or pumice to increase the drainage if your ambitious... Read More »

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What would happen if you planted a cactus in wet clay soil?

In what kind of soil does a cactus grow best?

Cactus plants tolerate a range of soils. But they have two preferences. They favor free draining soils, since their body parts are adapted to moisture deprived environments. They also favor soils t... Read More »

Uses of the San Pedro Cactus?

The San Pedro cactus is in the genus Trichocereus. There are about 30 species of Trichocereus, mostly found in the Andes mountains. San Pedro cactus is not a desert plant but is native to warm rich... Read More »

How to Brew San Pedro Cactus?

Here are a few good ways to brew San Pedro cactus (mescaline): the traditional method used by shamans, and the method used regularly by people in the united states. Plus an evaporation method that ... Read More »