What would someone need to change the firmware of a printer?

Answer It depends on the make & model of printer for everything. Normally you have to program the firmware through the USB port on most all printers. Some can be done through network connections if they h... Read More »

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Just got a digital camera -- now i need to buy a printer. What kind of inexpensive printer would you suggest?

you would be fine with a 30 dollar printer from wal-mart…those work very well especially for the price and my mother has done well with one for the last year

What type of cable would I need to connect my printer to my laptop?

Buy yourself another USB cable You need a USB A-B cable.One end (the smaller end) goes into the printer. Other end goes into a free USB port on your laptop.

I would like to know what App do I need to up load on my Google Chrome for the printer Epson 325?

It's not an app that you need, my friend, but a printer driver. You're going to be hard pressed to find any printer that has Chrome OS drivers available at the moment.

Need someone to change this for me?

As many players have similar problems and queries, we've created the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) topic.Although currently consisting of previously asked questions, the FAQ will definitely exp... Read More »