What would someone look like after being hit by a car?

Answer Well theres either too ways you could take your story either a graphic bloody car accient or one where theres nothing there and they look fine I will explain now..Graphic- A graphic car accienct wo... Read More »

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What is the average amt of money renter's insurance would pay a person who stays with someone after being displaced?

Why would your hot water look milky after normally being perfectly clear and it's been that way for two months and how do you remedy it?

Answer The milky color is most probably caused by tiny air bubbles in the water. To confirm, collect some in a glass and let it settle for 1 day or so, it should be clear again. Air bubbles could b... Read More »

Is there a site where you can take a photo of you and someone else and see how their baby would look like?

i don't know such site, but i adore your imagination of such site

Would u marry someone if they confessed 2 u they have Genital Herpes after being 2gether for 4 yrs?

Yes, I would still marry him. You love him right? Of course I would be upset and feel betrayed because he never was upfront, but you have to understand that people that carry the virus sometimes do... Read More »