What would run Crysis 2 DX 11 Maxxed out 720p?

Answer mmm that's a nice system. the 295's a fine card, i dunno if it's really that worth it to spend like $300 just to see dx11. to me it's not. I also have the 295, SLI two cards (quad gpu). I just "dow... Read More »

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What is the difference between 1080p, 720p/60fps, 720p, WVGA Which is best for a close-up video?

1080p & 720p are the two tiers of High Definition, video that has 3 to 6 times the resolution of a traditional old TV, (but all TVs are HD now, anyway.720p/60fps records twice the about of frames p... Read More »

Is there any way to convert avi file(624 x 352 pixel) to 720p, 480p or HD and burning HD(720p) videos to DVD?

yes, i recommend PCHand video converter, it can help you to convert avi fils to 720p,480p or hd video. Save $34.99 as it will be Only available FREE from Oct. 26 to Oct. 31.Free get video converter... Read More »

Is a difference in 720p/1080p TV pictures even though networks are in 720p?

I'm afraid that weeder is right. The coax & satelite networks do not have the bandwidth to transmit content at 1080p. You, the paying consumer, would have to pay more than two times what you are pa... Read More »

I bought a 720p HDTV but when I go on a HD channel it says the picture is 1080i is 720p and 1080i the same thi?

1080i is HD also but 720P is technically a better picture. You should be able to set your cable or satellite box to 720P in the setup menu and do the same with your TV. It will now default to 720... Read More »