What would people do with a lost cell phone?

Answer my friend stole a phone like dat.She started downloadin ringtones and callin random ppl.She also thought about selling it.She decided to activate it and she has a nice "stolen" phone ya...t... Read More »

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Can a cell phone ringer be activated by at&t in case of a lost phone?

A cell phone ringer can not be activated by AT&T in the case of a lost phone nor can they do it in any other circumstances. AT&T Customer Service suggests that you have a friend call your phone to ... Read More »

I lost my cell phone...what should i do?

I lost my cell phone?

Call your provider, they might have the new GPS software on it. If not, then report it missing and get a new one. Maybe you opted for insurance on it when signed your plan and you can get a new o... Read More »

Plz help........i lost my cell phone...what should i do now?

call your phone see if anyone answers if not then your good if someone does answer call the cops with another phone and give them your old phone number your phone company will probably give you a n... Read More »