What would mosquito curry taste like Any ideas?

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Can you honestly tell the difference in taste between a thai green curry or a red one?

There are some differences in taste and ingredients, just like red and white wine.White whine is good with fish or seafood, the other one we drink with meat in a meal.We use green curry paste when ... Read More »

What do Indian restaurants put in their potato curry to make it taste so good?

If there's a way to "get some of it out" before it's stirred in, do so. Usually one doesn't find out about the overage until the stirring is done, though. Then it's time to dilute or cover the tast... Read More »

Mosquito Ideas?

Mosquito bites cause severe itching and may provoke serious allergic reactions in some people. The Centers for Disease Control has reported that West Nile Virus, which is spread primarily by mosqui... Read More »

Mosquito Repellent Ideas?

Mosquitoes can leave behind a burning or itching welt and they are capable of carrying diseases like the west nile virus, encephalitis, malaria and yellow fever. For persons who are allergic to thi... Read More »