What would make you smarter enough to get out of college really fast?

Answer Good Diction? The amount of time spent obtaining a four year degree has little to do with intelligence, it's up to you how many credit hours you take per semester or whether or not you choose to d... Read More »

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Would a 100ft ethernet cable make gaming really faster than wireless if so how fast?

Without more information it may be faster or slower.IEEE 802.3100baseT Ethernet = 100Mb per second maximum throughputGigabit = 1000Mb per second maximum throughputIEEE 802.11Wireless g is 54Mb per ... Read More »

Do i masterbate to much or not enough to become smarter?

What is worst if you're heart is beats really slow or really fast?

The resting pulse rate of a normal person is 60 to 100 beats per minute (bpm). For a well trained athlete, the resting pulse rate is 40 to 60 bpmBradycardia, as applied to adult medicine, is define... Read More »

How to grow fingernails really really really really really fast?

You can't. You can give the illusion of longer nails by pushing your cuticles back and applying a french mani or regular polish and leaving the outer edges of your nails (2mm) free of polish, but y... Read More »