What would keep water from coming out of jets during the dishwash cylce?

Answer it is used to pick up small objects of no importance (like dirt, hair, ect...) without using your hands.

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Why is there white specs coming out of the jets?

Cylce Day Question :)?

Whichever day you start bleeding would be your first day of your cycle. The brown blood is dried old blood passing through before your actual flow. Sometimes women bleed lightly to where it doesnt ... Read More »

Why is brown water coming out of hot water faucet?

Answer You may need to flush out your hot water heater, there mey be alot of sediment in the tank.

What causes the cold water pipes in your house to make a constant banging sound it seems to be coming from the main water valve in the front of the house?

Most of the time its caused by lose pipe supports and no expansion tank or air chamber. Most fast closing solenoid valves will be the start of the problem. Copper pipes are usually the loudest and ... Read More »