What would keep water from coming out of jets during the dishwash cylce?

Answer it is used to pick up small objects of no importance (like dirt, hair, ect...) without using your hands.

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How to Keep Water From Coming Through a Concrete Floor?

If the concrete floor of your basement is always wet, there may be a number of causes. Most of these causes involve the water table outside your home, which is the level where water stands at all t... Read More »

Who would be responsible for water damage from above coming into my condo?

Whomever is responsible for the damage must be identified, but that's not the priority action in this case.Note that the responsibility to repair and the responsibility to pay for the repair may be... Read More »

Why would a pilot light from a water heater keep going out daily?

Are there surgeries to keep your knee cap in place and keep it from coming out. 10 POINTS!?

You have five options.1. Do nothing, this is always an option.2. Arthroscopic lateral release.3. Medial reefing, tightening the tissue on the inside of the knee. Usually done with #2.4. Distal real... Read More »