What would keep a magnolia tree from blooming?

Answer If your magnolia tree has bloomed in the past and it no longer does, something has changed recently to prevent it from blooming. There are a number of reasons a magnolia tree would not bloom, inclu... Read More »

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What pesticides stop the cherries from blooming on a cherry tree?

I know that the fungicide Thiram can cause buds to drop if used too close to budding and blooming.

Where did the magnolia tree come from?

According to the United States National Arboretum, about 80 species of magnolia trees originate from the eastern United States and southeast Asia. Of those 80 species, eight are indigenous to the U... Read More »

How to Grow a Southern Magnolia Tree From a Seed?

The grand dame of Southern gardens, the southern magnolia is an evergreen beauty; even its scientific name, Magnolia grandiflora, is majestic. Native to the U.S., it can grow to 80 feet tall with l... Read More »

What classification is the magnolia tree?

The magnolia tree is in the class called "Magnoliopsida." It is a dicotyledon, meaning it has an embryo with two cotyledons, or "cup-shaped hollows," that are the seedling part of a germinating pla... Read More »