You live with your aunt and you have to share a room with your girl c and whenever she is in your room she is naked or in underwear she has sex while you try to sleep your aunt dosent belive you what?

Answer Try to ignore it. Her behavior is her mother's and her business, not yours. We understand that this is a difficult situation for you, but continuing to complain will only make it worse. You have do... Read More »

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Would you get a tattoo from a naked guy, even with a discount?

My next tat is probably going to be on my back, so what the hell. Let it hang out Flappy.

You share a room with your cousin and she is naked when she is in there you get erections and when she sees them she sticks her butt out and tells you to spank it to make fun of you what should you do?

hittttttttt itt niqkuhhh ! she qotta loook qoood if yuh qettin erections ! lmfaooooooooooo she wantssssssssssssssss it ! if she chanqin in front of yuh like that and stuck her butt ouh !

If you were gonna cover all the walls in a room in your house with mirrors, which room would it be?

What would cause the return to all of the sudden not take in air but air still comes out the vents at room temp?

Answer you may want to check your filter , it might be clogged and needs replacing, it's either in a grill in a wall or in the air handler (or heater). if they get to much dirt the air won't flow... Read More »