What would it take for you to call an ambulance?

Answer I am not a moron, so I would not know about this. But from my own experience I can second your statement. People call the emergency number for far too many things, and many of them are not serious ... Read More »

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How to Call an Ambulance?

If you are ever in a life-threatening emergency, the ability to call an ambulance is a very useful skill. (Just remember; it doesn't require an area code)

What should be done to educate people on when to call an ambulance or go by car?

I experience this wonderful situation on an almost daily basis, as well...pretty frustrating isn't it?I fear that it will only get worse. In my opinion, this is just another side effect of our wea... Read More »

If my brother ever threw up blood should I call the ambulance?

If he barfs up blood, call the ambulance immediately. Internal bleeding should not be taken lightly, and if you get him to the hospital quickly it can be taken care of effectively and efficiently. ... Read More »

Why are the signs that say ambulance backwards on the front of the ambulance?

So that if you don't hear the sirens or see the flashing lights you will (hopefully) see the word "AMBULANCE" in your rear view mirror, which reverses it so that you will see it "forward".